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First Flush Plucking Event

Annually, on the 26th of March, a grand celebration takes place at the esteemed Okayti Tea Estates, commemorating the dawn of a fresh tea season. This momentous occasion pays homage to the unwavering commitment and tireless efforts of its diligent workers. With great reverence, they pluck the first Two Leaves and A Bud ( duei paat ek seuro ), signalling the end of the winter hibernation period and ushering in a time of anticipation for the exceptional teas that will be cultivated throughout the forthcoming year.

The act of plucking these inaugural leaves is steeped in ceremony and symbolism, embodying the essence of the renowned Darjeeling tea tradition. As the first leaves are gently gathered, a palpable air of excitement and anticipation permeates the tea gardens. It is a collective acknowledgement of the immense dedication and skill required to cultivate these treasured leaves. Each pluck is an ode to the toil endured by the tea workers, who diligently nurture the plants throughout the seasons, meticulously tending to their growth and nurturing their potential.

Moonlight Tea Plucking Event

In the enchanting month of October, a captivating spectacle unfolds in Okayti garden - the mesmerizing tradition of full moon tea plucking. As the silver orb gracefully ascends over the undulating hills, a delicate dance begins among the tea pluckers. With great care, they handpick only the tenderest tea leaves, believed to be infused with the mystical energy of the moon itself. This meticulous selection process yields a brew that transcends ordinary flavors, offering a truly divine experience.

During the night of the full moon, an extraordinary phenomenon takes place. It is believed that the succulent tea leaves draw in an abundance of flavonoids and nutrients, elevating their exquisite taste and enriching their essence. Such captivating mysteries of the universe are beyond our complete understanding, but we can revel in the joy of unravelling a few of its enigmas.

The harvest of these luscious leaves is nothing short of a vibrant celebration. Under the radiant glow of the full moon, tea pluckers adorned in their finest attire ignite fire torches, casting a warm glow upon the surroundings. To the rhythmic beats of the Maadal, their nimble feet glide across the earth, painting a vivid picture of jubilation and grace.

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